Silima® Soft & Light élegance
Silima® Soft & Light élegance

Silima® Soft & Light élegance

Silima® Soft & Light élegance

Soft symmetrical epithesis reduced by 30% in weight for a matching balance



  • So natural - so soft
  • Rounded natural shape
  • Corresponds in softness to the natural breast
  • Cup variety for optimal balancing of medium and larger breasts
  • For optimal weight compensation due to soft silicone core 30% lighter in weight than conventional eptiheses

Indication and intended use

  • Silima® breast forms and Silima® compensating breast forms give you a natural, cosmetically and visually harmonious appearance as well as appropriate weight compensation after breast surgery (mastectomy, breast-conserving surgery, reconstruction), once the surgical wound has healed completely and radiation therapy has been completed.
  • Shape and size are based on the anatomical conditions
  • Consistency, elasticity and movement behavior are very similar to the properties of the natural breast
  • All materials used are tested for skin compatibility


  • Standard/B 1 - 11
  • Full/C 3 - 14


  • Anatomical, symmetrical
  • 3 -layer

Art. no.: 66 378


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