Bra Mobiderm Intimate

Bra Mobiderm Intimate

Compression bra for lymphatic drainage.
Compression and reduction of edema in the breast and chest-wall after breast cancer surgery.

- Efficacy: patented Mobiderm technology: drains the oedema(1)(2).
- Comfort: adaptable to most body shapes: several sizes available.
- M10 Soft and fine: thanks to the physical properties of the materials: polyamide, elastane(3).
- A ready to use solution: bra + 2 Mobiderm pads.
- The pad (or an external breast prosthesis) can be inserted inside the bra or removed depending on the patient’s requirement.
- Easy to put on and take off thanks to the bra front fastening.


Acute or chronic edemas of the breast and/or the breast wall.
Postoperative edemas or edemas after radio therapy (only on intact skin).
Chronic infi ltration after reconstruction, remaining chronic breast wall edemas.

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(3) L’atelier du papetier – Les fibres textiles.


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