The bathroom and toilet

For people who have mobility problems, the bathroom is a hazardous place! Slips and falls are more common there and the fear of accidents limits enjoyment. There are a few easy safety adaptations you can make! The toilet should also be adapted for greater safety and comfort.

Getting into and out of the bath safely

Slipping as they get into or out of the bath is a common fear among the elderly or people with muscle weakness, stiffness or balance problems. Grab bars can be held onto and provide a support to make them feel more secure. Installing a pivoting bath seat further improves safety, making it possible to sit down before getting into the bath. Bath boards are fitted across the bath using suction cups. They help people get into and out of the bath and can also be used to hold toiletries and accessories.

A more stable shower

Just like the bath, the shower can have a grab bar added to help the person step in, and for them to hold onto for support, move and get out again without fear of slipping. A shower seat or stool provides even more security, particularly for people with balance problems, pain or weakness when standing.

Toilet solutions

A raised toilet seat makes it easier to get up. A grab bar can also be installed next to the toilet to make it easier to sit down and stand up again.

A toilet seat raiser with a metal frame installed on the toilet raises the seat and also provides two armrest supports on either side to make it even easier to get up. Finally, a commode composed of a solid lift-up seat and a seat with a hole over a removable commode pan provides a convenient, easy toileting solution for people with mobility problems.