The living room

A place to read, watch television, host friends or family…: the living room is a place to spend time and relax, which needs to offer comfort and mobility to all. Special chairs, such as lift chairs that help people get up and shell chairs to provide support when seated, can contribute to this. Some common-sense measures can also help prevent falls.

Lots of people - particularly the elderly, who lack balance or muscle strength - have difficulty getting up out of an armchair. So how can they enjoy the benefits of a comfortable armchair in the living room without worrying about how they are going to get out of it again?

Getting out of an armchair easily

Electric lift chairs can help bring greater autonomy, allowing such people to vary their activities, without worrying and without any need for extra help. Some chairs make it possible to move from a lying-down position, for a daytime nap, to a semi-seated position, for relaxing in front of the TV, to a seated position and then the standing position to move around. A remote control is used to activate a motor under the seat, raising the seat and helping the occupant get up without any effort.

Avoiding falls

It is important that elderly or disabled people can move freely around the living room without a risk of falling! Make sure the environment is safe by taking a few simple measures:

  • Avoid placing obstacles on the floor (electric wires, newspaper racks);
  • Favour fitted carpets and non-slip flooring, remove any rugs that might slip without adhesives at the edges;
  • Avoid placing everyday obstacles at height;
  • Make sure the room is adequately lit.

Being well supported when resting and moving around

Shell seat chairs are designed for dependent people with muscle weakness or pain caused by movement: they require effective support when seated. The ergonomic form of the chair provides head-to-toe support in a comfortable position, without having to stay in bed or a wheelchair. Mounted on castors and sufficiently narrow, it can be moved to any room in the home and placed in the living room to allow the occupant to rest, relax or entertain.