Strapping wrist band

Strapping wrist band

How it works: The Thuasne Sport Wristband-Strapping is an elastic wristband that provides reinforced wrist support during sports activities (tennis, racket sports, CrossFit...). It is suitable for resuming sports after a wrist tendonitis. The strap allows for compression adjustment thanks to the self-gripping feature. Support index 4/5.

Indications: Wrist tendinopathies.

Simple use: Place the wrist to be reinforced in the positioning sleeve. Wrap the strap around the wrist and adjust the compression using the self-gripping adjustment. The product is ambidextrous (fits both wrists).

One size: The Thuasne Sport Wristband-Strapping is available in one size, corresponding to a wrist circumference between 14 and 20 cm. Composition: polyamide, elastane, polyester, latex, polyurethane.

Thuasne, medical expertise for sports: We have been designing products for athletes in Saint Etienne for over 80 years. As early as 1934, Suzanne Lenglen used our Neoplastex elastic headband! We continue our commitment to athletes by developing a range of innovative products to support their performance, prevent injuries and/or help them recover: orthotics, underwear, compression, sports care...

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