Ligament stabilisation: prevention of abnormal translation and rotation movements of the tibia (aluminium rigid frame, anterior tibial bolster shell and TM5+ hinge that reproduces the natural movement of the knee*).
Suspension on the leg: suspension strap, tibia bolster to avoid rotation.
Motion control: adjustment of extension (from 0° to 30°) and flexion (from 0° to 110°).
Comfort: interior padding and condylar pads in foam.

Short product (33 cm).

Medium stiffness Aluminium frame.

*Internal CE marking data / A2S biomechanical study "Biomechanical study of the stride during use of different braces" 2020 on similar Rebel® device.


Conservative treatment of knee ligament injuries and/or ruptures (cruciate and/or lateral ligaments).
Post-operative immobilisation and/or rehabilitation.
Post-traumatic immobilisation.
Joint instability/laxity (including for knee osteoarthritis).

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