Rebel Reliever®
Rebel Reliever®

Rebel Reliever®

Off-loading knee brace for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis


Indicated for

  • Moderate to severe unicompartment femoral-tibial osteoarthritis of the knee.
  • Unicompartmental knee joint degeneration requiring offloading.
  • Post-operative offloading of a single compartment (articular or meniscus cartilage defect or osteochondral defect).
  • Knee joint instability after injury or surgery on the cruciate and/or collateral ligaments (ACL, PCL, LCL, MCL).

Target patient

  • Arthritic patient requiring maximum offloading.


  • Offloading of the damaged compartment: 3-pressure point system with Loadshifter system
  • Freedom of movement: TM5+ hinge reproducing the knee’s natural movements.*
  • Open zone at the back of the knee
  • Hold: suspension strap above the calf and specially shaped tibial shell to prevent rotation
  • Comfort: inner foam lining
  • Practical level: fitting buckle and tool-less adjustment of offloading level (Snap lock system)
  • 2 models: right and left

Adjustable Correction for OA Braces: LoadShifter

  • The patented LoadShifter mechanism and tool-less SnapLock are innovative features incorporated into the femoral section of Townsend’s Rebel Reliever™, Premier Reliever and Reliever Air rigid OA knee braces.
  • By releasing the SnapLock, the fitter can utilize the LoadShifter to adjust the angle of the thigh shell.
  • Increasing corrective pressure at the top of the leg amplifies the three-point counterforce at the knee and distal end of the brace — improving leg alignment and reducing compressive load on the damaged side of the knee.


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