Ortel T-Neck
Ortel T-Neck

Ortel T-Neck

Collar brace for reinforced immobilisation


Collar brace for reinforced immobilization and stabilising the cervical spine


Medical Indications:

  • Radicular pain in the carvical spinal region
  • Severe whiplash injury
  • Moderate to severe cervical syndrome 
  • Inflammations
  • Stable, non-dislocated vertebral body fractures (without neurological symptoms)


  • One hand adjustment system for enhanced ease of use for the patient
  • Anatomically shaped with rigid frame to provide strong support and reinforced immobilization of the cervical vertebra
  • Five-steps chin height for precise adjustments
  • Light weight and comfortable foam pads to deliver an increased comfort
  • Modern and sober design
  • One size fit all


  • Skin unjuries or diseases in the body segment receiving care 
  • Unstable vertebral body fractures combined with neurological phenomena 



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