Mobiderm Intimate Shorts Men

Mobiderm Intimate Shorts Men

The Mobiderm Intimate Shorts are recommended for pelvic and genital lymphoedema.

Improve the quality of life* : can be worn throughout the day and night and the product is discreet.
Easy to use : the product is ready to wear, all-in-1 product with removable pad, and it’s easy to use for 3 out of 4 patients *.

* OLYMPY study : Exploratory study to assess the clinical benefits of wearing the Mobiderm Intimate Short in patients with pelvic and/or genital lymphoedema. - 2021 - 32 patients - n° ID-RCB: 2020-A00247-32;primary objective: assessment of the effect of the MOBIDERM Intimate short, after 12 weeks, on an overall impression of change in their quality of life in relation to PL/GL.


Mobiderm Intimate mobilizing and compression devices are indicated in the treatment of pelvic and genital lymphedema.

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