Malleo Dynastab® Vario
Malleo Dynastab® Vario

Malleo Dynastab® Vario

Malleo Dynastab® Vario

Ankle brace for mobilising in a defined position, modular concept



Acute ankle injuries/grade II and III sprains

Acute and chronic instability of the upper and lower ankle joints

Post-operative care following ligament surgery on the ankle

Acute inflammatory ankle disorders


Mode of action

The orthosis combines firm base material with a rigid plastic element and crossover strap to immobilise and stabilise the upper and lower ankle joints. Pronation, supination and plantar flexion are restricted; talus prolapse is counteracted. Immobilisation and stabilisation relieve the strain on injured structures, protect them, and prevent detrimental joint movements. The modular design is variable to match the different stages of the therapy process, i.e. extended mobility is enabled in a controlled process by removing the plastic element and eventually the strap; the therapy can be adapted to the appropriate phases of healing.


Size: 1 – 3

Color: grey/black

Pos. Nr.: