LombaStab High
LombaStab High
LombaStab High
LombaStab High
LombaStab High
LombaStab High
LombaStab High

LombaStab High

Lombastab high

Dorso- lumbar belt  with an easy and precise tightening system1

Medical indications

  • Non-specific low back pain ( acute, subacute, chronic phases ) 
  • Lumbar stenosis
  • Spondylolysis

Main features:

  • Back support with a dorsal height of 35 cm or 40 cm.
  • Easy and precise tightening thanks to the innovative lacing system.
  • Strong support2 for an efficient analgesiceffect thanks to the back plastic plates
  • Adaptable compression to the anatomy in A or V-Shape thanks to the  quick lacing system
  • Designed angles for more comfort3
  • Adaptability to the curvature of the back thanks to the conformable spring steel stays on the back. 
  • Symmetrical hand loops to ensure the belt is properly centered on the spine.

Recommended for

  • Persons looking for an easy and precise tightening to adapt it according to their pain.
  • Persons in prolonged standing position.
  • People lacking strength.

Means of action

  • The dorso-lumbar belt allows a constant postural recall as well as a proprioceptive effect.4
  • The dorso-lumbar belt will increase the intra-abdominal pressure to allow the discharge of the intervertebral discs combined with a 3 flexion points.4
  • With a relative immobilization of the spine, the dorso-lumbar belt will help limit extreme dangerous movements.4
  • The dorso-lumbar belt keeps the lumbar joint warm.4

1 Study conducted inhouse on a panel of 13 patients, Octobre 2019

2 Calmels et al. 2009:

3 Less material at ribs and hips areas



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