Lumbar support belt


Medical indications

  • Non-specific low back pain (acute, subacute, chronic phases);
  • Lumbar steniosis.

Main benefits 

  • Discreet and lightweight back brace thanks to its thin fabric and seamless sewing technology;
  • Strong support for an efficient antalgesic effect thanks to the conformable spring-loaded steel stays;
  • Finger loops for an easy fitting :
  • Designed angles* for more comfort while wearing the belt. 

Mode of action:

  • The lumbar belt allows a constant postural recall as well as a proprioceptive effect.
  • The lumbar belt will increase the intra-abdominal pressure to allow the discharge of the intervertebral discs combined with a 3 flexion points.
  • With a light immobilization of the lumbar area, the lumbar belt will help limit extreme dangerous movements.
  • The lumbar belt keeps the lumbar joint warm.

*les material at hips and ribs area

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