Ligastrap® Malleo
Ligastrap® Malleo

Ligastrap® Malleo

Proprioceptive ligament ankle brace (about 27.5 mmHg) with functional strapping


Indicated for

  • Joint instability/laxity.
  • Mild ankle sprain (acute phase).
  • Post-operative, post-traumatic residual pain and/or oedema.
  • Proprioceptive support for rehabilitation.
  • Sport activities resumption.
  • Compression for scar/burns healing.

Target Patient

  • Patients practicing linear sports


  • Support: double stabilising strap for lateral ligaments and additional strap for light eversion
  • Proprioception: elastic compressive knit (about 27.5 mmHg)
  • Comfort: anti-slip on the calf
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