Cicatrex Sleeve

Cicatrex Sleeve

Cicatrex Sleeve

Large choice of solutions.

20 different models available for most body parts to address each individual needs.

Large range of sizes to adapt most patient's body shape.

Multiple fabrics with various properties:
Cicatrex Nature fabric is made of viscose from natural fibers offering good skin tolerance (1), good conformability (1) to adapt patient's shape and movements (2), breathability and softness (1).



Damage of the skin and the skin's healing functions with hypertrophic scarring or keloid formation.

Following injuries / burns / surgical interventions.

Skin grafts.

For improvement of scar / wound healing until complete healing of the scar.

For the stabilisation of surgical results.

Medical care of lymph oedemas in special cases.


(1) Handbook of Fiber Chemistry - Chap 11.10.1 - chap
(2) Related to the force elongation curve which has a flatness at different % application and which allows the maintenance of stable compression whatever the morphology.