Rebel® Pro Ligament
Rebel® Pro Ligament

Rebel® Pro Ligament

Pro Ligament Custom Knee Brace


Patients who have experienced ligament injuries and/or reconstructive surgery. For rehabilitative or prophylactic use.


  • Optimised & customised fit - Custom assembled to 3 leg measurements
  • Enhanced brace positioning via Townsend Motion TM5+Hinge- tracks with the anatomical roll-and- glide motion of the knee to keep the brace properly positioned on the leg.
  • Superior suspension via synergistic suspension strap
  • Improved suspension via C/S package
  • Rotational control via tibial shell contour
  • Suspension augmentation via anti-migration straps
  • Easy donning via clip buckles
  • Suitable for heavy users and contact sports - rigid aircraft aluminium frame


  • Extension assist kit- suitable for patients who present with quadriceps weakness or fatiguable quadriceps
  • Frame height options
  • Frame configuration options
  • Flexion Stop Kit
  • Range of colours